Massage Wellness Membership

For most of us, we end up making our massages reactionary instead of preventative – meaning, we wait until we’re “broken” and then come in hoping to get “fixed.”

Imagine guaranteeing yourself a monthly therapeutic massage. Whether your goal is to relax, achieve pain relief, or support your athletic performance, this unique Membership Program is designed to optimize your health by incorporating monthly therapeutic massage into your wellness routine.

Massage is our body’s monthly maintenance plan.

Become a Wellness Member and enjoy exclusive benefits while improving your health. Commit to one massage every month and save!

How it Works

  • Enjoy one monthly prepaid massage therapy session per month.
  • Savings on every massage with additional sessions at a low membership price.
  • Secure monthly auto-debit.
  • Allow family and friends to access your membership.
  • No membership fees.
  • Membership-only specials (sent conveniently via email).
  • Convenient Online scheduling.

There are a lot of massage membership programs out there.

Member Rates